Thanks to those of who who have bought the book.  Sales in the uk have been steady if not spectacular and I have spent a couple of months in the top 10,000 ebooks.  Sadly, for me, sales have ground to a halt and I am in freefall- last time I checked, 35,000.  
Things are picking up in the USA though - when God closes a door, He opens a window.

Just back from a few days away and enjoying this great weather.  The sun is shining and I have the washing out, but it is cold - winter is on the way.

Heard an interesting debate on the radio this morning about at what age we become 'middle aged' - apparently the answer is 55.  I prefer to think that I will reach 'middle age' around 70!  The years are passing, but I still feel as if I am around 21.  I guess there will come a point when I have to get used to the fact that I am getting on.  Its true I have hit menopause and have a few more aches and pains than I used to have, but there is no way I am going to admit to hitting middle age.  At least not yet.  After all, you're only as old as you feel!
Have a happy Wednesday!

Sorry if all I am writing about at the moment is the Olympics, but I am really hooked.  Team GB are doing an amazing job!   These athletes have all worked hard to develop, what must be, a level of raw talent.  Makes me wonder what makes the difference between a 'recreational' athlete and a 'world class' athlete.  Is it about getting the best coaches, or is there more to it than that?   I find the British cycling team a fantastic example of the difference that preparation can make.  They look at every aspect of performance and focus on marginal gains.  The theory is, if you can achieve small improvements in different aspects, then these can make the difference between winning and losing.  In a sport where less than a second matters these marginal gains make the difference.  So they look at what the athletes eat, how and when they train, how long they sleep.  They look at the bikes and the technical equipment, always looking for that 1% improvement in performance.  And they also focus on mental preparation.  that really is critical.  
How do you keep going when your body is screaming at you to stop?  
How do you keep going when your brain is telling you it is hopeless you are not good enough?  
How do you keep going when you really just want to stay at home and watch telly, or go down to the pub with your mates?
For me that's the critical aspect of achieving your goals - keeping going.  I may never get an Olympic Gold, but I will keep going and following my dreams.
Fortunately there are a few things you can do to help tame your unruly subconscious mind when it starts throwing limiting beliefs at you.  Perhaps the most powerful are available by using nlp techniques.  These tools and techniques really can help you to bypass the critical conscious mind, remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and help you achieve your true potential.
Good luck

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It’s such a joy to watch the Olympics and to see all the athletes, men and women, at the peak of their sport.  A few will achieve Gold, but the truth is that all of them are winners in getting here.  Every one of them is someone’s daughter, or son, brother or sister and every one of them has worked long and hard to get there.

Congratulations to you all!

One thing they all have in common is that they have set a goal and worked hard to achieve it. 

While not many of us will be able to compete at the Olympics, we are all capable of becoming the very best version of ourselves we can be.  It really is easy - all you need to do is set goals and work hard to accomplish them. 

Ok, you’re right it’s a bit more complicated than that, but the truth is that we are all capable of achieving outstanding results if we are prepared to work at it.

You Can Achieve Anything is available on Amazon UK and Amazon USA and it really can help you to achieve whatever you set your mind on.

Good luck, and keep enjoying the Olympics.


Loving the olympics so far.  Two medals for Team GB - go girls!!  Tom up today, so maybe another. Can someone tell me why Tom is the poster boy of these olympics?  No harm to the lad, but there are a whole load of other people in the team, yet he seems to be the one getting all the publicity.
Ok, rant over!  Maybe time for me to go meditate for a while.

Sales of the book steady, but not spectacular yet. The house on the hill is disappearing fast...
If you have bought a copy, thank you.  Don't forget to go back into Amazon and leave a comment and give it some stars.  That really is surprisingly powerful in the ranking stakes.
Now, off to get a cup of tea before I settle down to watch Tom and Peter Waterfield as they go for gold!

How about this for a fabulous review (from Goodreads)

"You know a story will ruthlessly possess you and not let go when the main character confronts an armed stranger in the first sentence. Thus starts this deliciously-disturbing joyride through fear, suspense, determination, and, ultimately, survival. Finch's protagonist, Pat Devine, is one readers will easily root for as she weaves through the fear and the intrigue to discover her independence and inner strength. The struggle between flight and self-acceptance is only one layer of multiple emotional dimensions she must tear through, and Finch's writing pulls readers along on Pat's chilling & breathless journey."

Click the link to have a look, or it's also available on Amazon USA

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OMG, I can't believe it - there are blue skies outside and not a cloud in sight!!! Anyone would think it was July.  Oh wait, it is lol

Happy hump day my friends, I hope this day finds you well.  Sales are steady but still not spectacular.  If I was the type of person to give up easy I would have long before now.  Two competing images keep going through my mind.  the first is the old adage 'stop flogging a dead horse' and the second is the story of the guy with the gold mine, who stopped and sold the mine when he was less than one foot from the gold.  So, should I keep trying, or give up?  answers on a postcard.  Either way, thanks to those of you who have already bought the book. I do appreciate your support.

On to other matters, isn't NLP just fantastic?  I'm currently reviewing the Master Practitioner training and am struck once again by how powerful nlp patterns of language are for driving change.  Quantum linguistics, cartesian logic, sleight of mouth, meta and milton the list goes on. 

Thanks to all those of you who have bought the book.  I hope you are enjoying it.  Sales are steady, but still not spectacular.  Can't give up the day job, just yet.  Don't forget to go back to Amazon and leave a comment and give it some stars.  Remember, its available on Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and all the other Amazon sites across Europe.  By the way, when you in there, have a look at the new covers on the 'You Can Achieve...' series.  They look great, you can really tell now that each book is part of a series!

The diet is still going well, just one pound off this week, but I have been busy and didn't work out as often as I should.
Now that sounds like an excuse doesn't it?!?!  Don't worry though, I've made up for it over the last couple of days though. We'll see what next week brings

One thing that really keeps me sane in the midst of all the madness is my reiki practice.  It really recharges the batteries,  just being able to take some time to yourself twice a day and just be, and let the reki energy work its magic.  Bliss!

Happy Sunday, my friends
Audrey x

Sales of the book are still not taking off.  I did think that once Amazon woke up, then perhaps I would start to see some sales coming through.  It doesn't seem to work that way though.
Anyway, I will continue to keep on attracting abundance and prosperity.  I read an interesting article the other day which argued that the reason why The Law doesn't work for some people is that they are blocking it.  I will do some more research and get back to you.

Anyway, thank you once again to everyone who has bought What Lies Within, please go in and review and star it.  I need a boost to keep me on page 1 of the lesbian fiction page.  If you haven't bought it yet, please do I need all the help I can get.
Happy Sunday
Quite a lot to report today.  I bit the bullet and changed the book cover.  I had planned to post a copy, but for some reason the technology is letting me down.  Pop over the Amazon and have a look.  I am now in the top 10,000!!  Isn't that amazing, so thank you if you have bought the book.  Don't forget to review it.  It's amazing how volatile the whole thing is.  I was the 19th most popular book in the Lesbian category last night, but have gone down to 46 now.  I moved into that category because I was advised that there is too much competition in 'crime' and 'thriller' which is where I think I belong.  It seems to have worked though - just waiting for the sales to start rolling in.  

Life is pretty good and the diet is going to plan.  2 lbs last week, and I hit my first target 164lbs - pushing on now for the next target of 150 lb.  The best way to lose weight really is to eat less and exercise more - that's what I'm doing, so I'm confident my weightloss will be permanent.
Sales of What Lies Within are going well.  At the moment I'm hovering around 22,000, but you sink fast when there is no activity.  I have heard that when you get into the top 20,000, Amazon will start to promote you, so if you haven't bought the book yet there has never been a better time!  By the way, if you have bought it, please put a comment and a rating.  That seems to be almost as powerful as buying in the Amazon scoring system.  I'm attracting the house on the hill!

A lot of folk ask me if its possible to 'learn' reiki.   Reiki is a very powerful healing therapy.  Practitioners work with the universal energy, or reyki to achieve amazing results for themselves and others.  Reiki was originally designed as a tool to aid spiritual development of the self, but here in the West we recognise its value as a healing therapy.  Practitioners are often described as having healing hands.

So can anyone learn Reiki, or do you need to have some form of ‘gift’?  Well, yes and no, there is not much to learn in the traditional sense of learning.  You will want to learn about the history of Reiki, hand positioning and the use of Reiki symbols.  But the most important part is getting attuned to the Reiki energy and then learning to work with it and building your connection.  A Reiki Master will be happy to work with you and attune you to the Reiki energy.  Reiki energy is no respecter of time or distance, so you can work with a Reiki master on a face to face basis, or one who works on line.

Stay dry and safe